One Beautiful Beachy Christmas | How to build your own driftwood tree

In Australia we may dream of a beautiful white Christmas with snow falling on the windowsills and crackling fire places and hot chocolates on Christmas Eve… But that will NEVER be a reality in this hot dry land we call home!
So we thought, why not embrace the most spectacular part of an Australian Christmas and that is, the beautiful warm sand, and the smell of a BBQ by the beach for Christmas lunch! 
Why not join us and have ago a building your own beach inspired Christmas tree! 


Before you start it is SUPER important to source your driftwood from a sustainable source. In Australia it is illegal to take ANYTHING from our beautiful beaches, so do some research and make sure your beautiful beach inspired christmas tree is as good for the environment as it is for your Christmas spirit!

Gather your supplies. 
We sourced ourselves enough driftwood to make a tree around 1.7m talls, including the log of wood used for the base.
Other important things you will need include, a steel rod (the appropriate length for your tree) a drill with drill pieces large enough to drill holes to fit the steel rod and of course your christmas decorations for that final touch.
We also used a hack saw to cut the piece of steel to length, but you are able to get the steel professionally cut at all good hardware stores!


From here the process is as easy as Christmas Pie!
Be sure to lay out all your driftwood pieces from shortest to longest to ensure you get that perfect tree shape!

Drill one hole in the center of each piece of driftwood and be sure that the wood will thread easily onto the steel rod.

Place your tree base where you would like your tree to be standing once competed. This is important because once the tree is built it will become to heavy to move easily!

Thread the steel rod into the hole that you have drilled into your wooden base, and once standing carefully begin threading on the pieces of driftwood starting from the longest pieces and finishing with the shortest at the top.
To get that 3D tree look, rotate the pieces of driftwood so they point in random directions all the way up.

Be sure you are happy with the shape and stability of your tree and then begins the fun part!
Go wild with your own choice of coloured decorations and lights.
In keeping with the beach theme we have chosen a blue and gold bauble theme with white and gold lights!
Go crazy and have fun!

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Red Carpet Analysis : the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards

I am sad to confess that it took me until today to actually find the time to sit down and click through all the amazing, interesting and unusual looks from this years Emmy Awards (cue extensive lists of boring things that I was doing instead…studying…eating…sleeping) But here we are, and lets be honest, its ALWAYS better late than never.

When orginally sitting down to complie this list I set myself to a maximum of 10 noteworthy outfits ONLY, but OMG this years Red Carpet was nothing like I have seen in a long time.
That is; some good, some bad, some absolutely abbsurd and oh so many stars caught in a time warp from the 80’s and 90’s… Someone please explain what was with all the ankles on show this year!
Please note exibit A…

Natasha Lyonne | Opening Ceremony
from the knees up this dress is just stunning, then you scroll to the bottom looking for more of the same and that 20cms of bare leg is just not what you had in mind! And this is simple on example of many!

Cat Deely | Burberry
by far one of my favourite looks from this years Red Carpet. Because lets be honest, who doesnt want to look as lovely as a rose!
Burberry, you can do no wrong!

Behati Prinsloo & Adam Levine | Prada
Gorgeous dress but more often then not Prada can take their inspiration a little to literally. Night skies are beautiful, but we dont always want to look like one!

Lauren Paul | Lorena Sarbu
Simply Stunning, so age appropriate.

Sofia Vergara | Roberto Cavalli
Matthew Mcconaughey & Camila Alves | Dolce & Gabbana, Zuhair Murad
Star Couple, perfect


Kerry Washington | Prada
Again, Prada not one of your finest. Deffinatly not one of my favs.

Claire Danes | Givenchy
FOAF Team highly rated. Apart from look a little like a christmas decoration (which doesnt really bother us, because who doesnt love christmas?) this dress ticks all the boxes, flowing, draping, interesting to look at and it wasnt just a simple safe option for Danes! A++
Taryn Manning | Azarro
Again, perfect until you scroll to the bottom. Add the extra 7cm and you have an absolutely stunning dress!

Lucy Liu | Zac Posen
Simple, stunning and intersting all at the same time.

Heidi Klum | Zac Posen
Beautiful, FOAF Approved.

Michelle Monaghan | Giambattista Valli Couture
Another simple stunner

Mayiam Bialik | Oliver Tolentino
Oh so age appropriate, I just cant even explain how perfect this look is for her!

And now for the final 5 final,

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Number 1 worst look…
Lena Dunham | Giambattista Valli

And runner up of worst look of the evening…
Allison Janney | Nicolas Jebran
Someone please tell me why we are so obsessed with 80’s\90’s revival this year? I just don’t understand!

And now for best dressed Male…

Matt Bomer | Tom Ford
…for two reasons… #1 Tom Ford can do no wrong… and #2 It’s Matt Bomer, come on!

Best Dressed Female goes to…


Sarah Hyland | Christian Siriano
This takes the cake hands down. Its stunning, age approriate, full length (which makes it event appropriate) and Hyland can pose in it  like no other! Bravo girlfriend!

and of course, there is only one more outfit to crown and that is, Cutest Red Carpet Walker of the night….


And that goes, hands down, to…
Aubrey Anderson-Emmons!
The hair, the dress, the shoes, the smile and that homemade rubberband braclet… Its just all too much cutness for us! OMG.

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Designer Spotlight: Label.

I dream of Canada, day and night. Since I was the youngest of little adverntures I have always wanted to work and ski and party it up in the mountains of Canada.
Its such a beautiful place.

Today, I did some exploring and found 2 gorgeous little Canadian designers by the name of Label.
The dynmaic duo behind the label, Label, have a certain enigmatic quality about them and create beautiful pieces that allow a girl to “still look good even if they dont give a shit”. 
…think Spell & the Gypsy collective meets the Edginess of Mink Pink… Fun, flirty and laidback, combined with some attitude and edginess…
Whats not to love!


The pair souce sustainable materials and manufacture everything in Toronto at a very reasonable price and use some fantasic new fabric innovations such as Lyocell (a byproduct of wood pulp that feels like cotton jersey), deadstock, bamboo linen, organic denim cotton from a local fabric distributors.


When the girls were asked to describe their Label their respones was : “Comfort is important to us. As an example, one of our spring ballerina dresses was designed with a strap wide enough to wear a bra underneath.”

I have no words… I am in love and moving to Canada tomorrow. Amazing.


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How to do: Navy Blue!

Need some calming, tranquille spirits sent your way on this Sunday evening? Dredding going back to work tomorrow?
Let us bring some good fashion vibes to make the week ahead seem a little more lovely! 
Navy blue is one of those colours that can look summery and gorgeous during those hot months, and simply beautiful and right on trend during those blustery winter days.
Here at FOAF we like to give you the best of both worlds.  

Presenting our cutest navy blue finds this week to help you inject some summer loving into those cold winter mornings! 

Gorgeous blue knits can be layered over other complimenting tops to add extra warms!


For those night outs, a blue maxi dress can we worn rather than a short dress to keep those chills at bay! 


Just to add a splash, grab some navy blue nail polish. Looks great with some touches of white or gold!

For something a little different, we love the look of this fabulous navy jumpsuit, perfect for day or night!


Just starting out with this navy blue trend? Start small with some super sweet navy Vans! Simple!

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Designer Spotlight: H&M Melbourne

I have always liked to think of H&M like the IKEA of fashion. They are Swedish, they are HUGE and they have a constan supply of cute, useable and forever changing and evolving designs.


As any fashionist is readily aware H&M hit the shores of Australia in the early months of this year, choosing Melbourne to establish their Australian flagship store! And lets be honest, why the hell wouldnt you… with the store in the heart of Melbournes very own Bourke Street, it has now become part of the pumping, beating life line of the fashion capital of Australia…
sorry Sydney (#sorrynotsorry) 

In the opening weeks ques for entry to the store were out the door and along the pavement for miles, this was a big deal for Melbourne. Reports came out saying that inside the store was a mess, with clothes and racks and homewears and disorganisation everywhere…
3 months later, and whilst still extremely popular (particularly with overseas tourists) the place has calmed down and is a much nicer place to exsist.

SO be sure check out instore or online for all thier new arrivals, amazing deisgn collabs and everything your wardrobe could possibly need!

Photo Cred | H&M

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6 Ways to do Lace

We all need a little romance in our lives.. not always a lot, we arent all looking for that perfect man who will buy us flowers and chocolates and take us on amazing dates (cue amazingly cute date night from No Strings Attatched..) but it is important that we do have at least a little of that soft side!
Here we present 6 simple and stunning ways to wear lace without looking like a run away bride! 

The Lace Shorts
SO Simple, SO chic, SO on trend!


A Simple White Dress
Easy look that can be taken from day to night with a few simple tweaks!


Gorgeous Lace Drape
this is a FOAF fave! So simple with such a big impact


Lace Back Panels.
Easy to sew onto an old dress to make it new… say upcycle !


Lace Bodice. 
Simple way to add that little hint you are looking for.

New to the lace game? Try Lace Nails for the most subtlest of hints 
Try hitting up ebay and other online stores for cheap nail design stickers


Photo Cred | We Heart It

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How to… Dress for winter occasions!

We Melbournies are a special kind of dresser. Unlike those people who live in New York, where it snows in Winter and the department stores stock all kinds of beautiful trench coats, dress coats and stylish boots to stock your wardrobe and look glam all year round; we sadly do not have that. And unlike those tropical dwellers who have nothing much more then some trenchial downfalls and maybe a warm breeze to conclude their winter… (cue the cute ripped denim shorts and the red polka dot gumboots) ; we again, sadly do not have that.large-1

Nope… A Melbourne winter in icy cold mornings, icy cold evenings, and wind, rain and patchy sunshine thoughout the day (which obviously causes alot of rainbows, so there is a happy moment amoung all this complaining…) This means department stores go into a bit of a bipolar frame of mind, where they are stocking both cute, light summery clothing something that you might where to an outdoor bar on a summer evening, aswell as  huge, mostly unflattering, and horribly expenise coats that are a cross between something you would wear in the snow and something your would throw over a dress when the breeze at the outdoor bar picks up a little. Cue the confusion. The best tips I have learnt through living in Melbourne for 19 years, and freezing my butt off at many, many bars, house parties and outdoor dining experiences are these…

ONE. Buy a dress to go with your coat, or a coat to go with your dress… Lets be honest… its not summer, and although you’ve been seeing beautiful patchy sunlight all day…that cute little dress is not going to be enough tonight. Lets say you have a super cute LBD you want to wear. Good. Now go out and buy a trench or a dress coat that has some colour in it. Keep it interesting. Or visa versa… you have a bright, flowing, floral number that has been trying to party its way out of your closest for months… there is no law to say you can wear a summer dress to a winter party, bust that bright sucker out and pair it with a simple black or neutral toned coat.


TWO. LAYER LAYER LAYER. The best way to do this is to wear a dress that has long sleeves. Even if the fabric is made from something that remindes you of tissue paper it doesnt matter, it is just one more layer under that coat that is protecting you from that bitter breeze.


THREE. Fake it so you make it ! There is no shame in showing a little leg… especially if your are covered up to your neck in coat. But really? its winter! How could i bare to show those gastly tannless legs…and really, who wants to fake tan in winter?! Fake it til you make it. Whip on some skin coloured stockings. and wearing 2 pairs has never been a bad idea. warmth + tan = looking sexy and not shivering those lovely legs off!


FOUR. Make it an up do kinda night. Just trust us on this one… You may protest, you may think, why on earth would I get my hair up off my neck, its like a built in scarf! No… this is winter, not lovely New York or Tropical Queensland.. No. It will be windy, it will rain and your hair will look terrible before you’ve even gotten into the party. Trust us… rock the up do.


Image Source | We Heart it 

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It’s July! New month, new pay check!

Here’s a pinch and a punch, its the first day of the month! And as you wake up, all foggy eyed and warm all cuddled up in the your bed, or sitting by your computer with a mug of hot soup just reflect for a moment and remember what the beginning of every new month means!
Fresh, new, crisp pay checks!

So, to make your life juuuust that little bit easier, we have put together the top 10 things we believe you MUST have this July… After all, that paycheck wont spend itself! 

Numero UnoThe Walking Stick Umbrella by David David  |  $95


Number TWOThis super cute DIY Macrame Kit by | $39.95


Three Bees… This ‘Sea blue elastic waist strap skirt by Clothing Show | $63.60


Four More… The ‘long’ version of the ‘Asymmetrical Raincoat” by St Leonard | $100
(get in quick! It’s on sale!)


Annnd number Five… The ‘Hood Coat” also by St Leonard | $300
(and also on sale!)


Sexy Six… The ‘Dahlia Brazilian’ Lingerie set by Bras n Things |  $26.99


Seven Heaven… This ‘Vintage black day dress’ by Dalena Vintage | $125

Ocho… These irresistable jumpers by The Jumper Project | all proceeds go to charity


Nine Lives… some ‘Briers Blue Tulip Gumboots by Wellies | $69.95

Ten Men (not really) … You cant go wrong with a ‘Vintage 80’s raincoat jacket’ by Humcanumca Vintage | $58


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DIY Vintage Bodice

It is June, and for all those living in the Southern Hemisphere that only means one thing… winter is apon us! 

This week at FOAF we have been doing some summer dreaming and reflecting on our favorite bikini and swim wear looks from the season and getting inspired for what may be instore for next season! (Check out Mondays blog post: Summer Withdrawls, How to do Swimwear) For today’s DIY adventure I wanted to personally introduce you a gorgeous little sewing pattern I came across this weekend whilst shopping a killer Simplicity Pattern sale at Spotlight.


I was lucky enough to capture this beauty at a 3 for $10 sale at Spotlight, but you too can have this pattern at a bargain for $10 here!

And to get you in the mood for making this beauty check out our top vintage bodice and cropped looks!







source: We Heart It


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Top tips for top tips

If you are anything like me, you will spend hours of your life scrolling through beautiful webites like or pinterest looking at amazing pitures of talented nail art works, but never actually being able to rock those styles because of how ridiculouly hard those miniature artworks are.
Yep. We all feel the pain.


But never fear, we’ve done those hard yards and put together some top tips for you to get you on your way to having more interesting finger tips. (And maybe something a little more productive to do on your Sunday rather than nursing that hangover!)
Good luck!

Problem: You are terrible at painting with your wrong opposite hand.
Solution: Paint your designs onto plastic ‘ziplock’ bags and simple peel off artworks when dry and use clear nail polish to stick to your nails!


Problem: When you paint the white line on those gorgeous french nails you’ve been dreaming of, the line ends up looking like wobbly mess.
Solution: Use sticky binder hold reinforcements on your nail just below where you what the thickness of the line to end to get that perfect straightness.


Problem: You love the look of those colourful ombre nails, but you have absolutely no idea how to create them!
Solution: We’ll let the picture do the talking…


Problem: Your are feeling the geometric trend but your cant paint a straight lined shape to save your life…
Solution: Cut up different length and sized pieces of scotch tape and place them randomly on your nails, then paint with desired colours.


Solution: keep calm and use a toothpick or pin with a tiny amount of blue tack on the end to pick up and perfectly apply those crazy small little rhinstones.


Image source | We Heart It 

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