Top 5 | Beach Babe Hairstyles

It’s summer! woohoo.
And we all know what that means… salt, sun, sand and beach hair!
Here is 5 super sweet, easy ways to tie back those gorgeous locks and enjoy the sun this summer.

1 | Half up half down braids

2 | The Braided Ballarina Bun



3 | The Braided Pony



4 | Lace Braided Updo



5 | Super Simple Braided Bun


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Happy styling x.


Friday Pamper: How to keep your hair looking Salon Perfect between visits!

I have to admit a beauty confession to you all.
I don’t go to a hairdresser, I don’t get my hair cut by a professional, and I have a mini panic attack at the thought of someone coming within a foot of my head with a pair of scissors…
This may be a common thing among those of us who have a world of trouble growing their hair to be gorgeous and long, or maybe this is my own irrational fear.
Whatever it may be I have discovered over time there is many ways around this little dilemma.
And those of you who do brave the salon, here’s some tips that will no doubt keep your hair looking salon spectacular between visits!

One Number: Gather your salon supplies.

This is by far the most important part of any at home salon treatment.
Without the proper shampoos, conditioners, moisturizer and equipment, you might aswell not bother at all! And this doesn’t have to be an experience process either.
Remember to keep all these item together and accessible so when it comes time to prep and care for your hair, you don’t have the stress of trying to locate all your bits and pieces!


Number Two: Washing and Preparation

When comes time for a trim I always give my hair a good wash to begin with.
This gives you hair a chance to dry in its natural state and will be much easier to work with, without the worry of harsh chemicals ruining the look and feel of your hair.
I like to use Protane’s Morroccan Argan Oil blends in a separate shampoo and conditioner.
Usually priced at upwards of $17 each at Australian chemists and beauty warehouses it is possible to pick these little miracle bottles up for $9 each from Aldi, just be sure to keep and eye out for stock, and buy in bulk when and where available!

Number Three: Braving the scissors 

After the wash it is vital to thoroughly brush and comb your hair.
I believe it is best to let your hair dry first, as your hair is much weaker and breaks more readily when wet.
It’s important to decided where your part will sit in your hair. Be sure to comb this in first, even if you are cutting it into a new area. Position your part when you would like it before you even think of picking up a pair of scissors!

When you are ready to begin your trim, take small sections of your hair, starting closest to your part and working down.

I always take a section, then using the end of my comb separate the section in a staggered fashion so as I don’t cut huge chunks away.
To cut the hair, place the section between your pointer and middle finger at the shortest you desire, place the scissors sitting onto of your fingers and slowly cut as you slide your fingers down the hair.
This gives a more natural and gradual line as you trim away.
Once you have finished one layer, tie away this hair on top of your head with a hair tie or clip and repeat on next layer.
The most important thing to remember in all of this is to take it slowly. It is better to spend longer trimming and get it right, rather than cut away too much and have to deal with unwanted bangs for the next few months.

Number Three: Give your new hair some love!

After you have cut away and trimmed your hair and you are happy with the outcome, be sure to use a quality moisturizer or oil to help seal off and protect the freshly exposed ends of your hair.
Keeping it in the family I like to you Protane’s Pure Morroccan Argan Oil.
This oil is rather light on your hair, which allows your to style your hair and be able to leave the house without looking like an oily mess!

To apply I like to place my hair in a simple pony tail and massage the oil into the first 2 inches of my hair and then braid and wrap it into a bun. This lets the oil infuse all my hair, saves on oil and prevents my roots getting overly oily!
It’s a win-win-win really!

Good luck and happy at home styling!

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