One Beautiful Beachy Christmas | How to build your own driftwood tree

In Australia we may dream of a beautiful white Christmas with snow falling on the windowsills and crackling fire places and hot chocolates on Christmas Eve… But that will NEVER be a reality in this hot dry land we call home!
So we thought, why not embrace the most spectacular part of an Australian Christmas and that is, the beautiful warm sand, and the smell of a BBQ by the beach for Christmas lunch! 
Why not join us and have ago a building your own beach inspired Christmas tree! 


Before you start it is SUPER important to source your driftwood from a sustainable source. In Australia it is illegal to take ANYTHING from our beautiful beaches, so do some research and make sure your beautiful beach inspired christmas tree is as good for the environment as it is for your Christmas spirit!

Gather your supplies. 
We sourced ourselves enough driftwood to make a tree around 1.7m talls, including the log of wood used for the base.
Other important things you will need include, a steel rod (the appropriate length for your tree) a drill with drill pieces large enough to drill holes to fit the steel rod and of course your christmas decorations for that final touch.
We also used a hack saw to cut the piece of steel to length, but you are able to get the steel professionally cut at all good hardware stores!


From here the process is as easy as Christmas Pie!
Be sure to lay out all your driftwood pieces from shortest to longest to ensure you get that perfect tree shape!

Drill one hole in the center of each piece of driftwood and be sure that the wood will thread easily onto the steel rod.

Place your tree base where you would like your tree to be standing once competed. This is important because once the tree is built it will become to heavy to move easily!

Thread the steel rod into the hole that you have drilled into your wooden base, and once standing carefully begin threading on the pieces of driftwood starting from the longest pieces and finishing with the shortest at the top.
To get that 3D tree look, rotate the pieces of driftwood so they point in random directions all the way up.

Be sure you are happy with the shape and stability of your tree and then begins the fun part!
Go wild with your own choice of coloured decorations and lights.
In keeping with the beach theme we have chosen a blue and gold bauble theme with white and gold lights!
Go crazy and have fun!

Be sure to show us all your amazing creation by
emailing your photos to
or tagging us in your Twitter and Instagram posts!
@flightofafox & #flightofafox


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