How to do: Navy Blue!

Need some calming, tranquille spirits sent your way on this Sunday evening? Dredding going back to work tomorrow?
Let us bring some good fashion vibes to make the week ahead seem a little more lovely! 
Navy blue is one of those colours that can look summery and gorgeous during those hot months, and simply beautiful and right on trend during those blustery winter days.
Here at FOAF we like to give you the best of both worlds.  

Presenting our cutest navy blue finds this week to help you inject some summer loving into those cold winter mornings! 

Gorgeous blue knits can be layered over other complimenting tops to add extra warms!


For those night outs, a blue maxi dress can we worn rather than a short dress to keep those chills at bay! 


Just to add a splash, grab some navy blue nail polish. Looks great with some touches of white or gold!

For something a little different, we love the look of this fabulous navy jumpsuit, perfect for day or night!


Just starting out with this navy blue trend? Start small with some super sweet navy Vans! Simple!

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