Designer Spotlight: H&M Melbourne

I have always liked to think of H&M like the IKEA of fashion. They are Swedish, they are HUGE and they have a constan supply of cute, useable and forever changing and evolving designs.


As any fashionist is readily aware H&M hit the shores of Australia in the early months of this year, choosing Melbourne to establish their Australian flagship store! And lets be honest, why the hell wouldnt you… with the store in the heart of Melbournes very own Bourke Street, it has now become part of the pumping, beating life line of the fashion capital of Australia…
sorry Sydney (#sorrynotsorry) 

In the opening weeks ques for entry to the store were out the door and along the pavement for miles, this was a big deal for Melbourne. Reports came out saying that inside the store was a mess, with clothes and racks and homewears and disorganisation everywhere…
3 months later, and whilst still extremely popular (particularly with overseas tourists) the place has calmed down and is a much nicer place to exsist.

SO be sure check out instore or online for all thier new arrivals, amazing deisgn collabs and everything your wardrobe could possibly need!

Photo Cred | H&M

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