6 Ways to do Lace

We all need a little romance in our lives.. not always a lot, we arent all looking for that perfect man who will buy us flowers and chocolates and take us on amazing dates (cue amazingly cute date night from No Strings Attatched..) but it is important that we do have at least a little of that soft side!
Here we present 6 simple and stunning ways to wear lace without looking like a run away bride! 

The Lace Shorts
SO Simple, SO chic, SO on trend!


A Simple White Dress
Easy look that can be taken from day to night with a few simple tweaks!


Gorgeous Lace Drape
this is a FOAF fave! So simple with such a big impact


Lace Back Panels.
Easy to sew onto an old dress to make it new… say upcycle !


Lace Bodice. 
Simple way to add that little hint you are looking for.

New to the lace game? Try Lace Nails for the most subtlest of hints 
Try hitting up ebay and other online stores for cheap nail design stickers


Photo Cred | We Heart It

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