How to… Dress for winter occasions!

We Melbournies are a special kind of dresser. Unlike those people who live in New York, where it snows in Winter and the department stores stock all kinds of beautiful trench coats, dress coats and stylish boots to stock your wardrobe and look glam all year round; we sadly do not have that. And unlike those tropical dwellers who have nothing much more then some trenchial downfalls and maybe a warm breeze to conclude their winter… (cue the cute ripped denim shorts and the red polka dot gumboots) ; we again, sadly do not have that.large-1

Nope… A Melbourne winter in icy cold mornings, icy cold evenings, and wind, rain and patchy sunshine thoughout the day (which obviously causes alot of rainbows, so there is a happy moment amoung all this complaining…) This means department stores go into a bit of a bipolar frame of mind, where they are stocking both cute, light summery clothing something that you might where to an outdoor bar on a summer evening, aswell as  huge, mostly unflattering, and horribly expenise coats that are a cross between something you would wear in the snow and something your would throw over a dress when the breeze at the outdoor bar picks up a little. Cue the confusion. The best tips I have learnt through living in Melbourne for 19 years, and freezing my butt off at many, many bars, house parties and outdoor dining experiences are these…

ONE. Buy a dress to go with your coat, or a coat to go with your dress… Lets be honest… its not summer, and although you’ve been seeing beautiful patchy sunlight all day…that cute little dress is not going to be enough tonight. Lets say you have a super cute LBD you want to wear. Good. Now go out and buy a trench or a dress coat that has some colour in it. Keep it interesting. Or visa versa… you have a bright, flowing, floral number that has been trying to party its way out of your closest for months… there is no law to say you can wear a summer dress to a winter party, bust that bright sucker out and pair it with a simple black or neutral toned coat.


TWO. LAYER LAYER LAYER. The best way to do this is to wear a dress that has long sleeves. Even if the fabric is made from something that remindes you of tissue paper it doesnt matter, it is just one more layer under that coat that is protecting you from that bitter breeze.


THREE. Fake it so you make it ! There is no shame in showing a little leg… especially if your are covered up to your neck in coat. But really? its winter! How could i bare to show those gastly tannless legs…and really, who wants to fake tan in winter?! Fake it til you make it. Whip on some skin coloured stockings. and wearing 2 pairs has never been a bad idea. warmth + tan = looking sexy and not shivering those lovely legs off!


FOUR. Make it an up do kinda night. Just trust us on this one… You may protest, you may think, why on earth would I get my hair up off my neck, its like a built in scarf! No… this is winter, not lovely New York or Tropical Queensland.. No. It will be windy, it will rain and your hair will look terrible before you’ve even gotten into the party. Trust us… rock the up do.


Image Source | We Heart it 

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