It’s July! New month, new pay check!

Here’s a pinch and a punch, its the first day of the month! And as you wake up, all foggy eyed and warm all cuddled up in the your bed, or sitting by your computer with a mug of hot soup just reflect for a moment and remember what the beginning of every new month means!
Fresh, new, crisp pay checks!

So, to make your life juuuust that little bit easier, we have put together the top 10 things we believe you MUST have this July… After all, that paycheck wont spend itself! 

Numero UnoThe Walking Stick Umbrella by David David  |  $95


Number TWOThis super cute DIY Macrame Kit by | $39.95


Three Bees… This ‘Sea blue elastic waist strap skirt by Clothing Show | $63.60


Four More… The ‘long’ version of the ‘Asymmetrical Raincoat” by St Leonard | $100
(get in quick! It’s on sale!)


Annnd number Five… The ‘Hood Coat” also by St Leonard | $300
(and also on sale!)


Sexy Six… The ‘Dahlia Brazilian’ Lingerie set by Bras n Things |  $26.99


Seven Heaven… This ‘Vintage black day dress’ by Dalena Vintage | $125

Ocho… These irresistable jumpers by The Jumper Project | all proceeds go to charity


Nine Lives… some ‘Briers Blue Tulip Gumboots by Wellies | $69.95

Ten Men (not really) … You cant go wrong with a ‘Vintage 80’s raincoat jacket’ by Humcanumca Vintage | $58


Dont forget to tag us in your post
on instagram and twitter to show
us your fav July picks!
Happy Shopping!


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