Fashion Fridays: Cool vs. Effortless

As a general rule, each and everyday that I wake up, before getting dressed I do a full self assessment of how much of a badass I feel like, or on the otherhand, how pretty and princessy I feel. This self mood assessment thus decides what it is I am going to wear today.


Here at FOAF, Fridays are all about weekend fashion inspiration to get you channeling the perfect outfits for you killer weekend adventures.
We have put together 5 pairs of outfits that will have you feeling like that badass walking into the club on a saturday night, or skipping through the park with the family on a sunday morning !

Because we ALL deserve the best of both worlds. 

#1. The Jeans Look


#2. The White on White


#3. The Denim Shorts 



#4. The Pastel Colour 

large-3 large-4

#5. The Black on Black 

large-6 large-7

Show us your favorite day vs. night looks!
Make sure you tag @flightofafox in your
instagram and twitter posts.


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