Designer Spotlight: Mink Pink

All my young life I have been one massive bargain hunter when it came to fashion… Op shops, DIY and upcycling old clothes was always more my style, BUT if I EVER need just a good quality, retail therapy fashion fix I would look no further than some super cute Mink Pink designs!


Mink Pink 101, your brief and straight to the point history of Mink Pink.
Started in 2005 by designer Rachel Evans, at the core the brand was inspired to fill a gaping hole in the Australia fashion market for quality, unique designs avaliable to girls at afforable prices.
And being a mostly poor Australia girl, I 100% agree with what they have set out to achieve!
For more about Rachel Evans and Mink Pink, check out there page and online store here!


Although on Monday we here at FOAF we were doing some summer dreaming with our Bikini Flashback post, we feel it is time to embrace the winter chill and share with you our top 10 Mink Pink Winter picks…

Long Haul Knitt Dress | $89

Long Haul Knit Dress 89

Lazy Bones Pants – Blue Heaven | $99

Lazy Bones - Blue Heavan 99

Cruising Jumper | $69

Cruising Jumper 69

Punk Check Jeans | $69

Punk Check Jeans 69

Tres Chic Coat | $89

Tres Chic Coact 89

Fighter Ridgid Parka | $129

Fighter Ridgid Parka 129

Fuzzy Crop | $49

Fuzzy Crop Black 49

Once Again Dress | $129

Once Again Lace Dress 129

Back Stage Lace Dress | $89

Backstage Lace Dress 89

Long Line Hoodie | $89

Long Line Hoodie 89

What’s your favourite Mink Pink look? Do you have a favorite piece?
Make sure you tag us in your twitter and instagram posts and let us know what you love!



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