How to do… Sexy Daywear

Lets just say it’s Sunday morning, you wake up on the right side of the wrong bed next to that gorgeous guy you went home with the night before…
All you have is your lacey undies, that mostly see through lace bra and one of his oversized business shirts that always look sexy on celebrites in those loved up comedies we all love so much… what do you do?
No one likes the so called ‘walk of shame’ home from that gorgeous-guy-from-the-night-befores-house, so why not turn it into something a little bit more.
Presenting FOAF’s top tips on how to go from a saucy night out, to sexy day wear, easy! 


Numero uno… NEVER be afriad of rocking that oversized business top tucked into last nights skirt.
Keep it feminine by unbutton the top few buttons and showing some of last nights wrapping


Number 2? well if you’ve got them, flaunt them!
Is last nights bra horribly uncomfortable, unrecognizable or just plain non existent?
Dont ever be afraid of rocking the no bra look. Lets be real here, its not like we are going to be running for buses or taxis early on a sunday morning. Be proud of what you’ve got, and give the world a little peek while you’re at it!


Number 3… Lace plus lace equals enough shirt to get you home.
It fair to say that a lace top on its own would be much to provokative for a Sunday morning stroll home, and the same can be said about the simple lace bra you were rocking the night before…
Team the two together and the lace on lace will provide enough coverage to be deemed ‘appropriate for daylight hours’ but still sexy enough to let the world know that last night you had the time of your life, no shame whatsoever.


Number 4…. dont want to carry those gorgeous fish net stockings you were dancing in last night? then don’t!
Team them with a shirt and a shirt, or last nights dress and casual jacket and that night time netting goes from seductive and sexy, to sophisticated and stylish, beautiful and appropriate for the next morning.


And last, but CERTAINLY not least, there is NO NEED to tame the mane!
Big hair? Dont care! Dont spend forever in the gorgeous-guy-from-last-nights bathroom grooming and preeming and worrying about that mop of sex hair on your head. Just pull on those clothes, touch up you make up and head out that door without so much as a backwards glance. Treat him mean, keep him keen, and then get home before he calls… cool and casual, and also mindblowingly simple!


What are your secrets for simple ‘morning after’ glam? Let us know, and tag @flightofafox in your tweets and insta posts for a shoutout!


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